Old fashioned penmanship lesson


English Department Home


The English Department is committed to consistent, quality instruction at all levels of our curriculum, from English 309 through English 5 and literature classes. 

The Department has a multi-part mission: 

  1. To further the basic literacy growth and cognitive skill development of all students;
  2. To provide students with the reading, writing, and thinking skills that are necessary for success in college courses and the workplace;
  3. To prepare students for transfer not only in English but in a variety of subjects requiring strong reading, writing, and thinking skills;
  4. To foster an appreciation of English and American literatures, as well as other literatures available in English translation; and
  5. in doing the foregoing, to help students cultivate the creative, intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic, and ethical capabilities that are required of responsible, engaged citizens, and that are essential, as John Dewey put it, to "a life of rich significance."