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WE BELIEVE in the power of words. WE WELCOME everyone into our world of words and ideas and wonder. Travel the globe and fly back and forth in time with us; lose an afternoon in a well-crafted story or an unexpected line of poetry. WE COLLABORATE with students in order to read, think, write, and act with precision and imagination, in support of intellectual development. WE UNDERSTAND language’s vital role in shaping our realities, our understandings of ourselves, our communities, and the world. WE TAKE A FIRM STAND against racism and all forms of systemic oppression. We strive to root out legacies of white supremacy in our classrooms, hallways, syllabi, and beyond.  WE ARE COMMITTED to our students’ ability to critically engage with their experiences, history, and communities. WE VALUE diversity, which enables the appreciation of others, depth of understanding, insight, empathy, and innovation, in service of creating a more just and inclusive world. WE RECOGNIZE all Englishes have value. No variety of English, including "Standard" American English, is superior to another. COME AS YOU ARE. We want your voice. Your experiences. Your unique perspectives and modes of expression.